30 Nov 2017

Can you install artificial grass on decking?

Do you have decking in your garden?

Do you find your decking looks old? Is slippy when wet? Are you asking yourself can you install artificial grass on decking? We’ll look at your options below (but the short answer is YES you can!)

The ‘90s decking boom

Do you remember Ground Force the TV show from the 1990s? One of the trends it inspired was decking. Show co-host, Alan Titchmarsh, has since apologised for encouraging homeowners to rip up their gardens in favour of budget-friendly wood:

“Decking I do feel a bit bad about – when we started doing Ground Force we were given two days to makeover gardens. If you’ve only got two days, decking is economical and you can do it quite quickly. And if you slip and fall over on it you only bruise yourself rather than break you hip, which you do on stone. So those were my reasons. And on a modern house, decking works.”

According to Titchmarsh, the show was so influential in the decking boom that, in the year prior to Ground Force first airing, total sales of decking at B&Q amounted to just £9,000 – but the year after, sales grew to an incredible £8 million!

Titchmarsh added: “So I have no doubt that when I’m put in the ground eventually they will deck my grave!”

Can you install artificial grass on decking?

Installing artificial turf on decking was out of the question in the 90s, but with modern artificial lawn technology it’s easy to do.

We carefully install a waterproof membrane between your decking and then add a commercial grade drainage pad. This allows the water to drain from your deck safely, adds cushioning and protection. If this isn’t installed then water can sit on your wooden decking and cause it to rot. Then we add our infill to the new lawn.

Astro turf can also make a surface less slippery. We all know decking when wet can be like an ice rink. Wonderlawn were the first artificial grass company in the UK to use specially shaped grass fibres. This not only makes every blade of turf look like a real lawn, but also gives the turf extra grip and sturdiness, which prevents slipping. This adds support to the thatch & keeps the grass upright. When installed correctly, it isn’t seen, does not come out, but holds the grass in the correct position and helps it remain upright.

We’d recomend any of our astro turf lawns to be installed on decking, including if you have children or are interested in artificial grass for dogs.

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Can you install artificial grass on decking?
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