Artificial grass for gardens

Whether it’s a front lawn, back garden or a grass area for your family to play on. Wonderlawn install premium artificial grass across the UK. Artificial grass from Wonderlawn is the quality artificial lawn answer to patchy, high-maintenance grass.

Wonderlawn artificial grass is actually designed to look & feel real but more importantly, continue to recover after use.

Superior artificial grass by Wonderlawn

Superior artificial grass by Wonderlawn

Most artificial grass products will not wear out, simply because it’s made of plastic. Most artificial grass won’t discolour too quickly as they’re UV stabilized. Wonderlawn only uses quality artificial grass. We utilise advanced yarn technology to create long-lasting, lifelike fake lawns. Our low maintenance synthetic grass doesn’t need mowing, feeding, weeding, or watering. With the added benefit of no dry patches in the summer and no mud to clean off feet or paws when it rains.

So how do we compare against other artificial grass installation companies? The real difference is that Wonderlawn artificial grass resists flattening and continues to bounce back up to its original shape as real grass does. On cheaper synthetic turf, if you place a chair or plant pot on the grass it’s going to flatten and stay flat. This looks unnatural and on cheap artificial grass, the lawn may flatten without you doing anything to it!

Our range of artificial grass

Check our recovery grass test for Superior artificial grass https://wonderlawn.com/product/superior/

Wonderlawn looks & feels better than conventional synthetic grass.

The Wonderlawn installation system includes:

  • The removal of your old tired lawn.
  • The construction of a new leveled base.
  • Shaping and contouring of the new artificial surface and the addition of a specialised infill material.
  • The grass is machine brushed and the site is cleaned down ready for you to enjoy.

Whether it’s a small front lawn you can’t bear to lose or a sprawling garden that’s the envy of the neighbours, Wonderlawn™ gives you a garden to be proud of.

We’re Award Winning: Voted UK’s No1 artificial grass by the Daily Mail.

View our grass range below. Our synthetic turf is suitable for newly laid lawns, pet-friendly lawns, an astroturf pitch or just a natural looking fake lawn.

How much does it cost to install artificial grass?

It’s a question we’re often asked. It ultimately depends on the size of your lawn, but in a recent article, we cost checked artificial lawn vs real grass. The price difference was only £167! And think that you don’t have to mow your lawn again, buy grass feed, or seeds. It’s clear that artificial grass is a great long-term investment.

You can read the article here: https://wonderlawn.com/artificial-grass-vs-real-turf/

Where do you install?

We install our grass across the UK, including London, the south east, the midlands and as high north as Glasgow. Check our find an installer page to see if we have an installation team in your area.

Delivery information

Our deliveries come as part of our grass installation. We don’t allow grass direct, or DIY installation of our products.

How do you lay artificial grass?

We use a process developed over many years of quality artificial lawn installations. You can see each step here: https://wonderlawn.com/installation/

Do you have free sample packs?

Yes, we do, click the free samples button top right of every page, or click here to order your free samples of luxury artificial grass, Superior, Naturalle or ECO Play.

Do you have a low price promise?

As each of our installations are bespoke, we don’t offer a low price promise, but we haven’t increased our prices in the last 4 years! If you’d like a free quote, click here or give us a call on 0333 700 6000.

How long does a Wonderlawn artificial lawn take to install?

Wonderlawns installation process has been streamlined and refined over the years. Meaning our synthetic lawns are easy to install by our professional teams. Depending on the size of your lawn, it can take an afternoon or a couple of days. When you receive your free quote you will be given an idea of how long your installation will take.

Can artificial grass look real?

We really feel our synthetic lawns look as real as you can get. Our range of artificial grass is the best alternative to real grass currently available. Our Premium artificial grass range has a natural look and feel to it. See how our artificial grass compares to real grass here.

Can I play games on my artificial grass turf?

All of our astro turf is pet friendly and our more durable artificial surface ECO Play is ideal for more active applications. It has with a pile height of 40mm. C-Shape blades made from Polyethylene. It is UV stabilised and backed with Latex.

Do you offer artificial grass on finance?

Yes! We have partnered with Ideal4Finance LTD, who work with a range of lenders to find you great finance options. See our Artificial Grass on Finance for more information.

Artificial Grass Products

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Wonderlawn are here to help you decide which of our artificial grass products are best suited to you. If you need help deciding or just want to chat over our your options, give us a call on 0333 700 6000 or click the button below to fill out our contact form and one of our experienced team will call you back.

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