How we install artificial grass

We’re often asked how to install artificial grass, we have developed a very specific installation process to ensure our grass looks and performs better for longer. Read below for our 8 step process of how Wonderlawn installs artificial lawns.

The way your artificial grass is installed makes a great difference to the appearance and longevity of your lawn

Every Wonderlawn includes professional installation as standard. Our installation teams follow a dedicated process and use specific machinery, which ensures that your artificial lawn is level, looks natural and lasts. We DON’T use sharp sand and timber, like other companies, as sand is unstable over time and timber rots.

That’s why, unlike conventional artificial lawns, Wonderlawn comes with a 10-year warranty that includes the grass, installation AND the base work.

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1. Turf removed/dig out

Wonderlawn installers start by removing your existing lawn, with a professional turf cutter. This leaves your garden clean and ready for the next stage.

Any rocks, debris and other contaminates are also removed.

2. Commercial grade weed membrane

We next install a commercial grade weed membrane. This prevents the growth of weeds through the lawn. Cheaper membranes will degrade over time and allow weeds to grow through your artificial grass.

3. Stone sub base

In most cases, we begin by installing a layer of compacted stone. This ensures adequate drainage for your newly laid lawn and provides a solid, stable base. If you add sharp sand at this point, it will move over time and not drain correctly, leaving an uneven waterlogged surface.

4. Fine granite aggregate and levelling

We then install granulated granite, rather than much cheaper sharp sand. It provides a much more stable, longer lasting, better draining base. All of which is levelled with landscaping rakes and compacted with a professional compacting tool. This allows us to quickly level your area to be laid with fake grass.

5. Grass laid and joined

Your Wonderlawn artificial grass is then cut to size and your fake lawn laid. It is then joined where necessary (depending on the size you may not need a join). When we lay your UV stabilised fake turf, the edges are cut & trimmed to create a natural a finish.

6. Specialist infill distributed

The correct infill is crucial when installing artificial grass. Without it, the grass flattens without any support. You will then be left with a flat unnatural looking fake lawn. Wonderlawn always lay our grass with an infill. The infill needs to be applied using a spreading machine and layered in at the correct depth. It is then brushed into the lawn with an industrial brushing machine.

7. Motorised brushing

We brush in the infill with a specialised brush which heats the fibres, lifts the pile and allows the infill to fall into the correct position. With this machine, it is possible to get the grass standing upright, so it looks more like real grass. When installed correctly, the infill isn’t seen, does not come out and won’t wash away. The infill holds the grass in the correct position and helps it remain upright. The infill also helps lower the temperature of your lawn in the summer.

8. Clean down and completion

The laying of your artificial lawn is complete. Wonderlawn installers now make sure that any site debris is removed. Your new grass is washed down, and a final quality check is made.

Once a Wonderlawn is installed, it requires very little maintenance so sit back and admire your perfect lawn.

Remember that all Wonderlawn installations come with a 10-year warranty, covering all of the installation & base work, not just the lawn itself.

You can read more about our 10-year warranty here https://wonderlawn.com/warranty/

For further information please see our FAQ section.


For over 10 years, we have been supplying and installing the UK’s leading artificial grass.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry and it’s products has brought us to the forefront of artificial grass installation, which is why we are able to provide innovative products, high quality installations and industry leading guarantees. We pride ourselves on great looking, longer lasting lawns and customer service to be proud of.

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