10 year warranty on every installation

Wonderlawn® Warranty

Surely everyone gives a guarantee don’t they?
Looking on the internet most companies have some form of guarantee but on what? There is very little information on what this covers so the public is left to assume it covers everything. Most warranties in the artificial grass world only cover UV stability.

Wonderlawn warranty:

All of our products and work are warranted for a period of TEN YEARS which covers both the product and as importantly the BASEWORK. This is one of many reasons why all Wonderlawn installation teams carry out all aspects of their work to pre-set standards which are monitored and maintained so the integrity of the warranty is protected.

There are numerous benefits to this core belief that high quality materials matched with high quality installations will result in little or no warranty issues in the short, medium and long term.

Benefits include:

• Customer cost not adversely affected by poor quality products/installations failing
• Customer care maintained at a high level
• Problems that occur are easily rectified
• Transferable warranty in the event you sell your property

Wonderlawn works via a national network of Franchised Partners who have been trained and equipped by ourselves. They follow a code of practice laid down by us, which they agree to adhere to. So you know that no matter where in the country you are, you will always get the same high standard of product and installation, WE GUARANTEE IT!

Why don’t the other companies?

As most companies install by fixing the grass to a timber frame, guaranteeing the installations is prone to failure simply because that timber will, in time, rot. One other aspect is a sharp sand base. Whilst the material is cheap, if it is used as anything other than a screed on to compacted stone, it is prone to movement, hence no warranty!

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