13 Dec 2017

Can you get snow on artificial lawn?

We’re often asked “Can you get snow on artificial lawn?”

While the elements may be a concern for conventional artificial lawns, Wonderlawn breezes through the winter months!

Although waterlogged gardens caused by rain and melting snow can be an issue for some artificial lawns, it ‘snow’ problem for a Wonderlawn. Our unique infill allows water to drain away into the earth in a controlled manor.

We only use base materials which are engineered to last, and our lawns don’t use a timber frame so there is no need to worry about damp and rotting during the winter months. And yes, rot can be a big problem for some of the conventional artificial turf manufacturers – not exactly ideal…


Wonderlawn’s Bouncebackability

after the snow on artificial grass

How the snow and rain has effected a bad artificial grass installation

Just take a look at the artificial lawn shown on the right –this is all too common a sight with conventional artificial lawns, which can begin to flatten after a matter of months!

Wonderlawn’s cutting-edge technology ensures that flattening doesn’t become an issue – even when bearing a heavy
layer of snow! The reason our turf always springs back to life is a combination of multiple factors, including:

  • The advance-shaped fibres we use in the grass, as well as the specialised infill we use.
  • The specialist machinery used to install Wonderlawn.
  • The fact that we ONLY use a team of specially trained turf installers.

The effort we put into what’s under the surface is why our turf looks real and can last decades.

We’d also like to point out that artificial turf makes for the best snowman-making surface! The snow is easy to scoop from the turf and doesn’t contain any mud. Say goodbye to those dirty brown snowmen!

The truth is that Wonderlawn requires very little maintenance, and even on the bleakest of winter mornings you can bet that your garden will still be radiating vigour and vitality.

If you’d like to walk on a winter Wonderlawn, get in touch today to arrange a free quote, free survey, or to request free samples.

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