31 Jul 2017

Is artificial grass slippery when wet?

One of our most frequently-asked questions is whether or not artificial turf is slippery when wet? We are often told it’s one of the top three factors that put people off making the switch.

It’s an understandable concern, considering that most people have only ever been exposed to DIY-store rolls of artificial turf. These cheap, poor imitations, of artificial grass can often can be slippery, or react badly in other ways, such as rippling, fading and lifting.

Wonderlawn artificial lawns are not slippery when wet. In fact, our lawns provides a safer, more weather-resistant surface than even natural grass, because there’s no slippery mud or pooling surface water with a Wonderlawn installation.

Rainwater washes away no problem

Wonderlawn’s unique infill, which utilises a semi-permeable membrane, allows water to naturally drain into the earth as it would with standard grass. This membrane also prevents weeds from growing in our artificial turf.

A gripping artificial lawn…

We’re quite the innovators here at Wonderlawn – we’re constantly striving to improve our products using the latest research into artificial turf. Did you know that we were the first artificial grass company to use specially shaped grass fibres in the UK? This not only makes every blade of turf look just like the real thing (even up close!), but also gives the turf extra grip and sturdiness, which prevents slipping.

Don’t let the weather decide when it’s okay to play

Every adult is probably guilty of disallowing a child from playing in the garden due to worrying about the grass being ruined. But when you think about it, it’s quite ridiculous to prioritise the short-term aesthetics of your grass over a child having fun.

That’s not how it should be, and with Wonderlawn, it never has to be like that again:

Artificial turf instead of decking

play football what ever the weather
Anybody who has made the mistake of walking on wooden decking after rainfall will tell you there are few surfaces in the world that offer less adhesion than decking: there are non-stick saucepans that wish they were as slippery as wet decking!

We are now receiving more requests than ever to add Wonderlawn artificial grass as a replacement for decking – it’s more attractive and you are far more likely to stay vertical in wet weather.

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