Dog friendly artificial grass

Whether it’s a small front lawn, an ornamental garden or a large area for your dog to play on, synthetic grass has never looked as good.

Dog Friendly Artificial Grass

Dogs love the feeling of Wonderlawn

It’s a revelation – no more cleaning of muddy paws, no matter what the weather is doing. It is, however, very important to choose the right type of artificial grass for your pets when it comes to the issue of the toilet habits of our four legged friends.

Most Synthetic grass used in the home has an undergrowth at the bottom of it, which helps support the yarn and make it look more realistic. Unfortunately, this undergrowth (sometimes referred to as “rootzone”) can trap any dog dirt that’s not immediately removed. This is one reason why the correct infill should always be used. This prevents any dirt from making it’s way deep into the grass, allowing it to be cleaned much more easily, an important feature where the health and safety of your family and pets is concerned.

The additional benefit of a “sand filled” product is the way it lasts under prolonged use. Whilst some dogs are happy to lie around and simply enjoy their new lawn, many pets are extremely active and will do their best to put any lawn to the test. None-infill products simply do not have the ability to stand up to this use and in some cases have been known to wear and break down within weeks, leaving you with a disappointing and sometimes embarrassing result for your investment.

During 2014, we began to look at solutions to deal with the smell of dog urine if a constant factor on artificial grass. Usually, the advice would be to rinse the area immediately or use a pet deoderiser. Where dogs (especially female) use an area constantly this can lead to odour being apparent, which can be sometimes quite strong. With this in mind we announced a unique solution in early 2015.

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