13 Sep 2018

Can I vacuum artificial grass?

can you vacuum artificial grass

Can you vacuum artificial grass?

Can I vacuum artificial grass?

One of the questions we’re often asked by new customers is can I vacuum artificial grass?

The short answer is no, you shouldn’t. As we use an infill system, meaning we mechanically brush a porous material in to your lawn. This both helps support the lawn and if you have a pet, this infill also traps animal wee to avoid bad smells.

Lawn maintenance and regular brushing

To keep your lawn in pristine condition remove any litter, leaves or waste that can blow on to your lawn. You can also use a brush with bristles that are at least 5 inches long and made of synthetic material, such as nylon. Sweep as if you were cleaning a dusty floor, in long forward strokes. This will loosen any surface dirt and debris.

Summer and autumn care of your lawn

In the summer months, you want to be out enjoying your new lawn. So if it’s dry, simply use a hose to give your lawn a quick rinse down.

You can also use a lawn cleaning product that has a scent of a cut grass to rinse your grass with. Wonderlawn are currently in talks with a manufacturer about bringing our own product to market!

In autumn, be aware of any leaves that have fallen on to your lawn. If left they will rot down in to a mulch and allow airborne seeds to take root in your grass. Remove them before this happens.

How do I brush my artificial lawn?

Select the right brush: Use a brush with bristles that are at least 5 inches long and made of synthetic material, like nylon. Sweep as if you were cleaning a dusty floor, in a long forward motion, moving from one end of your lawn to the other. This will loosen any surface dirt and clean your lawn.

We’ve started offering a brushing service for our installation customers. If you have Wonderlawn grass installed and want to freshen up your garden. Give us a call and ask about our brushing service.

How do I care for my lawn in Winter?

Caring for your fake lawn in winter is very easy if you follow our simple steps.

Will my grass freeze? Your grass won’t freeze to the point of breaking, and will be as good as new once it warms up.

Do I have to shovel heavy snow off my fake lawn? If your lawn has heavy snow on it, and it gets walked on regally, you can clean the snow off, as you would any other path or walkway. If your lawn gets snow gets trodden into it, it will turn to ice and form packed layers which can be dangerous to walk on. It could also damage to the grass fibres. So take care to remove such packed snow and ice that isn’t melting away by hand, or by using a plastic shovel. Using a metal shovel, or spade, could cause damage to your grass.

Can you put salt on artificial grass to remove snow?

The salt shouldn’t effect your lawn at all. It should help melt the snow, then you can just hose the grass down once temperatures improve to remove any salt residue.

Where salt may effect your grass is in the drainage. It could clog up the small holes in the in the backing of your lawn, and stop your lawn draining effectively. If you still want to use salt, we suggest only doing it occasionally.

If you have an inferior base installed, using timber and screws, then the salt may cause the screws to rust prematurely, but Wonderlawn don’t install our grass this way, so it’s not something you have to worry about with a Wonderlawn installation.

Most importantly; fake grass is very resilient, but not invincible.

Will my grass bounce back after having snow on it?

Your grass may flatten after heavy snow has fallen. If quality grass is used in your installation, like all of the grass Wonderlawn install is, it should bounce back naturally. You can help lift the pile by using a stiff brush on it once the snow clears.

What Spring garden checks should I be doing for my fake lawn?

Winter weather is unpredictable and can bring everything from snow, sleet, ice and heavy rain storms. If your artificial lawn is installed correctly and draining efficiently, then this weather should not be an issue. As you would any surface in your garden, keep an eye on your lawn when it is raining, to make sure water is not pooling, and the lawn is draining correctly.

Need advice from an artificial grass specialist

Usually weather conditions in the UK don’t get too extreme, and we’ve not had problems from customers relating to winter weather. If you find you still have questions and would like to talk to an expert, give us a call on 0333 700 6000, fill in our contact form or you may visit our artificial grass specialist in Bournemouth, and we will be happy to answer any queries you have.

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