7 Jun 2019

How to measure your lawn

Before you give us a call for a quote on your artificial lawn installation, check out this handy tip on how to measure your lawn without an tape measure.

How to measure your lawn for an artificial grass installation

We’re often asked to quote on a job before seeing your garden. This requires you to measure your lawn. You may not have a tape measure to hand, so here is a quick video on how to measure your lawn without a tape measure.

Guide to measuring your lawn

Step 1: Go to google maps.

Step 2: Search for your house and zoom in.how to measure without a tape measure

Step 3: Right click on the garden at the corner of your lawn.

Step 4: Left click on multiple points around your lawn.

Step 5: The total area is displayed in the white box below.

Step 6: Give Wonderlawn a call for your free quote over the phone, or book an appointment to have one of our professional installation team come out to measure your lawn and talk through options available.

This is not a replacement for a professional site survey, but will allow us to give you a quote over the phone call now on 0333 700 6000.

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