12 Jul 2019

Think outside the box with Wonderlawn

Upgrading your current lawn is what Wonderlawn specialise in – but we think that Wonderlawn is a luxury that shouldn’t just be reserved for lawn replacement. Here are some other creative ways Wonderlawn can be used for home improvement.

Artificial grass on a Balcony

We’re always researching ways to improve our products here at Wonderlawn to ensure the quality remains as high as possible – and we’re pleased to see our customers reciprocating our efforts by also taking Wonderlawn to new levels – quite literally:

Whether it’s on a balcony…

Wonderlawn artificial grass installation on a balcony

Flats and apartments make up around 20% of all homes in the UK, and in nearly all cases, occupants of this type of property miss out on having a garden. While it’s impractical to turn a balcony into a fully-functioning mini-garden, we can provide the next best thing no matter how big or small the balcony area is.

Or on the roof

We love this idea of having a loft conversion open up to a turfed roof. This would be the perfect spot for some sunbathing, although sunbathing won’t be on the agenda for quite a while at the moment!

artificial grass installation on a flat roof
The image below shows a job we carried out recently at a school and highlights how Wonderlawn can transform even the smallest of areas. You can also see a little artificial turf bench that we made for the children to sit and play on. It’s little touches like this that can really make your project special, and we’re proud to offer these services as standard, unlike conventional turf installers.

Wonderlawn bench

Artificial lawn on Patio

 Artificial grass on patio

Installing patios and decorative gravel may seem like a good idea at the time, and while you may like it at first, sometimes you miss having the good old green stuff in your garden. Get in touch if this sounds familiar, and we can conduct a free survey of your garden and discuss how to best remedy your patio problem!

Don’t discard our free sample either!

Dogs love artificial grass by Wonderlawn

We love seeing the creative ways some of our customers use their free samples – they’re too good to simply be thrown away! And as we all know pets love our artificial grass.

We’ve seen our free sample used in indoor greenhouses, used as paving-slab alternatives on patios, used to liven up their office desk, and used to complement outdoor-based ornaments.

If you have any unique requests using artificial turf, let us know! As you can tell, we’ve completed many specialist projects over the years, and we’re always happy to work with customers wanting to use Wonderlawn in creative ways.

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