21 Jul 2017

How long does artificial grass last?

Depends who you ask…

If you’re talking about the cheap roll-on artificial grass that you can buy from most DIY stores, you might get a few years out of it at most. And that’s ignoring the fact that signs of wear and tear will begin to show after only a few months.

Many consumers actually opt for this cheap alternative thinking that it will save them money, but unfortunately it’s a false economy. The lifespan is significantly shorter than higher-end artificial surfaces, and it’ll need replacing sooner. Furthermore, these products look and feel cheap, and can ruin the overall aesthetic of your home.

On average, high-quality artificial grass can last at least 20 years

That’s at least 20 years of never having to cut the grass, it’s 20 years of never having to worry about grass maintenance, and it’s perhaps even 20 years of having the best garden on the street – we’re just sorry about the potential 20-years’ worth of jealous looks thrown your way by the neighbours…

⇓ How to choose artificial grass that will last ⇓

Pay attention to the guarantee

When researching artificial grass, pay special attention to the wording of the guarantee – what exactly does it cover? Often, you’ll see a “ten-year guarantee” being advertised as standard, but on closer inspection, you’ll see that this warranty only applies the turf’s “colour fastness” or its “UV stability”. What this means is that all that’s covered in the warranty is the grass’ ability to stay green – and we think that should be the absolute minimum!

So why does our turf last so long?

artificial grass 20 years

Wonderlawn artificial grass lasts longer than the competition for a number of reasons, but it all comes down to two main factors: first, we use the highest-quality materials available, and second, our installation process is unrivalled. This isn’t a lawn which can simply be rolled on top of an existing surface, this is a lawn which requires a team of professionally trained installers and specialist machinery for installation.

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