16 Oct 2016

Artificial Turf installation

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” It’s an old saying, but we think it’s very applicable to the artificial turf installation industry.

While many conventional artificial lawns may look good upon installation, it doesn’t take long before the issues begin to surface: bald patches, poor workmanship, and peeling edges are all too common a sight with some artificial lawns – and it’s all down to the effort put in under the surface – or lack thereof.

Wonderlawn is obviously beautiful on the surface – but it’s the effort we put into the installation process and the effort put into the foundations of your lawn that really sets us apart from the competition.

Wonderlawn’s artificial turf installation process

We use a 7-step process to install your artificial turf, whereas some competitors simply roll the turf on top of your existing lawn and secure it with a handful of nails or screws. This is obviously a recipe for disaster and has implications on the lifespan, safety, and security of the turf.

To ensure the durability of your turf, we use the best materials available, installed in the best way possible using the very latest technology. Consider that we only use an installation team specifically trained to install Wonderlawn, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. The process is so thorough, that specialist machinery is required to correctly install our turf.

That’s why we’re the UK’s only artificial grass company to include a fully-comprehensive ten-year guarantee with the price of your lawn. That includes the grass, the installation AND the base work!

Our installation process

Looking at the images above, you can see the installation process in progress. To put it briefly, we begin by clearing out the existing lawn so that we can work on a blank canvas. We ensure the surface is flat before laying our granulated granite base. After laying and cutting the lawn, we’ll install the sand infill – and this is where the specialist machinery (see below) is required to ensure everything falls into place.

Specialist machinery

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