30 Jun 2017

Tempted by a new lawn? These garden transformations will amaze you!

The artificial grass garden transformations are really blooming here in the UK, and every year, more and more people are taking the plunge and deciding to remove their tired old muddy, patchy lawns. If you’re still on the fence about upgrading to Wonderlawn artificial grass, perhaps these incredible transformations we have installed will persuade you to get in touch with us!

Before: Not the worst grass we’ve seen – although still patchy in places and prone to water logging.

After: “Where do they find the time to mow their grass every morning?!”

large artificial Grass transformation

Before: The less said about this one, the better…

After: “How have they managed to turn their lawn around so fast?”

luxury lawn

Before: “No more playing football – you’ve ruined my grass!”

After: “Sure you can play outside any time!”
astro turf football pitch in your garden

Before: “We really need to do something about the top end of the schoolyard…”

After: “That artificial-grass bench was a stroke of genius – the pupils love it!”

artificial grass for schools before installation artificial grass for schools after installation

Before: “What happened to your garden?”

After: “They must have hired a professional gardener…”

Artificial lawn transformation

Before: Looks quite tyre-d

After: What an upgrade!

back garden transformations

As you can see with these amazing garden transformations, Wonderlawn artificial grass looks just like the real thing. Judge it for yourself by ordering FREE samples of artificial grass here!

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