26 Jun 2017

Grass Care Tips

You have your lawn installed, which is great, but what about the Artificial Grass Care that comes with it?

The great news is there isn’t a lot of maintenance required for the surface. Most of the time you’ll be outside enjoying it. Not having to mow your lawn, feed the lawn, or any of that hard work associated with a traditional lawn. But your fake lawn still needs to be maintained from time to time, so it looks in tip top shape.

Artificial Grass Care - How to care for your astroturf installation

Clean modern astroturf installation

Here are our top tips for Artificial Grass Care.

  1. Clean your surface – This doesn’t mean in depth cleaning but just giving it a brush from time to time to keep the dust off of it. This keeps it looking great and as good as the day it was installed.
  2. Pick up leaves – Keep this at an ultimate minimum, having leaves and debris on the grass will lead to your surface growing moss or weeds. Just pick them up like you would any other litter in your garden. It’s a simple tip!
  3. Water it! (sometimes) – Although our astro turf is an all weather surface, it is nice to water it once a month (depending on the weather). This will keep it looking fresh and also, in heat, to keep it cool. When it rains, you don’t need to break the hosepipe out.

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