20 Jun 2017

6 Essential Barbecue Gadgets

Take a look at some of our favourite barbecue gadgets to grill with skill this summer:

Weber chimney starter

chimney starter

This device ensures that your charcoal briquettes get heated to cooking temperature within minutes, and also ensures that the heat is evenly distributed. The chimney starter is also ideal for locations where charcoal lighter fluid is banned, and you can use either lighter cubes or newspaper to get the coals going.

Extreme heat-resistant gloves

fire resistant gloves

These are EN407 certified and offer protection against temperatures up to 932 degrees, while still allowing for full dexterity. That said, we’d still avoid sticking your hand directly into the fire as pictured above…

Barbecue smoker box

bbq smoker box

Want to add that authentic smoked flavour to your food? Add soaked wood chips (you can soak them in water, fruit juice, wine, or beer) to the box and place directly onto the lit charcoal below the food rack. As it heats up, the smoke will infuse your food with distinctive aromas and flavours.

Vegetable grilling basket

veg grilling basket

Vegetables are often an afterthought at barbecues, and this veg basket should help add flavour and colour to your next outdoor summer feast. Can also be used to cook stir-fry meat.

Musketeer sword barbecue fork

sword barbecue fork

There’s always a bit of tension about who’s in charge of a barbecue, but everyone present will know for a fact that whoever possesses the Musketeer Sword Barbecue Fork is most definitely in charge.

Also includes a Zorro-style mask which is obviously a huge bonus.

Digital meat thermometer


Barbecue hygiene is essential – 5.5 million cases of food poisoning are reported every year in the UK, and 20,000 of those result in hospitalisation. Food poisoning is most likely to occur over the summer months, and barbecues are believed to be the main culprit of this peak.

Make sure food poisoning stays off the menu this summer with a digital meat thermometer. It doubles as a timer, and also includes a beeper to notify when the ideal cooking temperature has been achieved.

Happy barbecuing!

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