24 Jan 2018

Wimbledon considering Synthetic lawn courts

Artificial grass courts could become the new thing at Wimbledon SW19 if Tim Henman is to be believed. Former world number four, says the committee are considering controversial plans for synthetic grass courts at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon want to play more games on their centre court and number 1 (up to 4 a day if possible!) and he believes the change is required to make the courts more resilient during The Championships.

Match scheduling allows for three matches per day on Centre Court — creating an imbalance between male and female matches — but committee member Tim Henman claims that could soon change.

“In an ideal world, you’d like to have four matches on Centre Court and Court No1,” Henman told the Mail on Sunday.

The modern game forces more baseline play, which increases wear at the end of the courts. Leaving the baseline looking like this:

artificial grass at wimbledon

Which leads to obscure bounces and vital points lost.

“What people never focus on is the fact it’s a natural surface. It’s grass. You’ve got to have that court for 13 days and if you kill it in the first five days, then you’re in trouble.

“Wimbledon are investing a lot of money looking at the hybrid thing. When you see the football and rugby pitches now, they’re three per cent artificial.”

“We’re certainly looking at, “What does five per cent look like on a tennis court? What does 10 per cent look like on a tennis court?”

“If you go back a few generations, it was huge in America, Australia, India and a lot of it has died out because of the maintenance, the cost, the quality of court. If that area can evolve then it may be relevant for Wimbledon.”

“We’re getting close to the stage where we put down a hybrid grass court in one of the practice courts.

“There’s nothing better than a good grass court but there’s nothing worse than a bad grass court.” – Tennis365 reports.

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