20 Nov 2017

Reclaim Your Garden This Winter

How much use do you get out of your garden?

And we’re not including time spent on garden chores, we’re talking genuine enjoyment from your garden, whether it’s spending time with the family, caring for your beloved plants, cooking up a BBQ, or just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

The answer is, undoubtedly, not nearly enough use. But considering the great British weather, is it any wonder? Especially at this time of year when, if you work full time, the darkness means you probably won’t even see your garden through the week.

At Wonderlawn, we say that the weather doesn’t get to decide when you can and can’t use your garden. It’s time to take back control and reclaim your garden from the elements.

Reclaim your garden

Reclaim your children’s garden

Hands up if you’ve ever been guilty of forbidding a child to play in the garden for fear of them “ruining the grass”… be honest! It’s something we’ve all been guilty of.

Prioritising your lawn’s aesthetics (what little is left at this time of year!) over a child having fun makes little sense when you really think about it.

With artificial turf, there is no compromise. Our turf is tested to 10,000 hours of continued use, and we’re so confident of Wonderlawn’s resilience, it’s guaranteed for TEN years! That’s a whole lot of mud-free play!

There is also evidence to suggest that having artificial grass available can help a child improve in their chosen sport – read more about that here.

Reclaim your child's garden

It’s pet-friendly too!

It’s vital to choose the right supplier of artificial grass as far as your pets are concerned, especially when it comes to toilet habits!

You’ll be pleased to know that Wonderlawn artificial grass is scientifically engineered to deal with pet waste. It’s also organic and environmentally friendly – read more about Wonderlawn’s PetfillPlus artificial grass composition here.

A furry friend enjoying the artificial grass

Get in touch today!

If a 2018 without having to worry about your lawn’s appearance, and without letting the weather decide when you can and can’t use your garden sounds good to you, it’s definitely time to reclaim your garden with Wonderlawn.

Wonderlawn artificial grass is more affordable than you’d think, and if you need some extra persuading, you can get a free quote here, or even get some free samples sent to your home – we’re eager for customers to try before they buy!

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