22 Aug 2016

Budding Footballer in the Family?

Here’s how having a Wonderlawn could improve their development

At first sight, this seems a very bold claim to make: how exactly could an artificial lawn improve the football skills of a child? Well, for a whole host of reasons…

Have you heard the theory that claims it takes 10,000 hours of practice in a hobby or sport to achieve world-class level ability? The theory was popularised by famous author Malcolm Gladwell, based on Swedish Psychologist Dr Anders Ericsson’s 1993 research on expertise.

That works out at around 20 hours per week over the course of 10 years, which is around three hours of practice every single day. Now while every child is different, and sporting ability is also nature as opposed to nurture, the theory is a good starting point.

So what does this have to do with artificial turf? Well think about all the hours of football a child loses thanks to poor weather, a muddy garden, or having nowhere to play at all – if only there was some sort of all-year all-weather surface that could be installed in your back garden that enabled a child to practice their skills on a consistent basis…

That’s the beauty of Wonderlawn – no matter how muddy or waterlogged the local field is, Wonderlawn remains consistently perfect, and don’t forget the added bonus of never having to deal with your child dragging mud back into the house after a back-garden keepy-up session. Wonderlawn means more time spent practising football which should result in improved skills.

That’s also why Wonderlawn is the perfect choice for school fields – remember all those games in your schooldays cancelled because of a waterloggedWonderlawn football development pitch? Or all those indoor break-times thanks to the school field being muddy? Wonderlawn solves those problems.

Make their play safer

Practicality aside, there’s also the issue of safety. Knowing that your child is safe and sound in the back garden playing football as opposed to God-only-knows where else they might be hanging around is reassuring to many parents.

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