9 Dec 2022

Can you install artificial grass in the snow?

Can you install artificial grass in the snow?

Snow-covered Wonderlawn head office At Wonderlawn, our nationwide teams of installers work all year round, in all weathers, to allow a quick turn around from the moment you purchase your artificial grass installation, to the moment work is scheduled to begin.

It’s a fact: artificial grass can be installed all year round. But many people choose to have it installed in the summer months, as that is when they are thinking most about their gardens.

Artificial grass is often best installed in the autumn and winter months for a few reasons.

  • The soil isn’t as hard as in the summer.
  • The “dig-out” can be easier if the soil is wet.
  • Waterlogged gardens can have their drainage improved with a Wonderlawn installation.
  • No more mud once the installation is complete!
  • Once your installation is complete, you can use your garden again in the winter.

Because artificial lawns are made from plastic polymers, it means they are weather resistant and can be used any time of year, without the risk of damage or excessive mud, and with a quick drying time following rain.

Wintry weather such as snow and frost don’t usually cause problems with an artificial lawn, but care should be taken if ice has formed. This will naturally melt once the winter sun meets your artificial lawn.

Can artificial grass be installed in winter?

You’ll be happy to know, artificial grass can be installed all year round, as long as it is dry. Obviously, in some extreme weather cases, it can be hazardous to install on certain sites, but at Wonderlawn we’ll always do our upmost to install your artificial grass on the agreed time.

Wonderlawn’s premium quality artificial grass is rated for:

  • UV stabilised meeting DIN 53387 standard.
  • Free of Lead and Cadmium.
  • The best temperature to install artificial grass is between 5°C and 19°C degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is below this, then our installation team will usually roll the lawn out in the morning and allow the grass to soak up some of the winter sun for a while. In the afternoon, when the grass has had some time to acclimatise and temperatures have risen, they can install your lawn as normal.

All our installers across the UK are professionally trained and work throughout the year.

Once your artificial grass has been installed you can follow our artificial lawn care tips.

  • Artificial lawns covered in snow or frost? We recommend leaving it to melt naturally, not using a metal spade, chemicals or salt to melt it.
  • If you urgently need to remove snow or ice from your lawn, carefully use a plastic shovel, that won’t damage the individual blades of your lawn.
  • Do not be tempted to use hot items on your lawn. Lighting a fire, using a barbecue or chimaera should only be setup away from your lawn to avoid damage and scorch marks.
  • If you are placing heavy items on your lawn, especially in Winter, make sure you brush the fibres upright again once the heavy item is removed.
  • Enjoy the cold winter months without worrying about muddy puddles, icy patches, or the constant up keep of maintaining a traditional lawn.
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