22 Nov 2022

Top 15 reasons to have artificial grass installed in your garden

Are you tired of mowing, weeding, watering and fertilising your lawn? Water bills high, especially in the summer months? Are you using unsafe chemical fungicides, fertilisers and herbicides? Do you have brown patchy grass on your lawn or garden? Are your pets digging up your lawn? Do you get muddy footprints in the house when it rains? Here are Wonderlawn’s top 15 reasons why you should have artificial grass installed in your garden:

Top 15 reasons to have artificial grass installed in your garden

1. No more Mowing!

The average gardener will mow their lawn between 4 and 8 times a month in the summer, according to the Royal Horticultural Society, but artificial grass does not need mowing.

Cleaning artificial grass is low maintenance, and practised less often, when compared to mowing a lawn. With artificial grass, you have the best looking lawn all year round.

2. Grass won’t grow in your garden?

Sometimes gardens are in shady or wet areas, or on rocky ground. Grass will always struggle to grow in these areas. New build houses often have very poor sub bases under grass areas, where building rubble is dumped and covered with rolls of turf which fails to take and dies after a few weeks or months.

People with problem gardens like this, tend to leave their lawns and not use the garden to its full potential.

Many homeowners buying new builds, choose Wonderlawn to install artificial grass in their gardens for this reason, as well as all of the other benefits that come with an artificial lawn.

Artificial grass lives where natural grass will not grow. Artificial Grass installed in a shady garden

3. No grass No problem!

Wonderlawn Artificial Grass can be installed on concrete, tarmac and many other surfaces. If you have a yard, balcony or paved area in your property, that you would love to convert to artificial grass, with Wonderlawn you can!

This type of installation is perfect for children and pets to play on, transforming a difficult to use space, to a beautiful and appealing garden that is ready for use whatever the weather.

4. Spend time enjoying your garden

Spending time in your garden is beneficial for your mental and physical health. Spend time enjoying your garden, not working in it! An artificial grass installation allows you to just go out and use your garden whenever you’d like to! There’s no planning of if they ground will be muddy, or will need mowing. Just get out and enjoy your lawn!

Not needing to tend to a natural lawn also frees your time up for other areas of the garden. Make a bee attracting boarder to your artificial grass! Plant some delicious vegetables and more! It’s now your garden and you’ve got more time to enjoy it!

Fancy a BBQ at the weekend? Invite the family over without having to mow the day before, to avoid green grass stains on shoes and trousers. Artificial Grass is a perfect investment for people who want to enjoy their garden.

5. Great for tenants and landlords

artificial grass for landlord owned propertiesBeing a landlord is difficult with all of the upkeep that properties need. Many landlords don’t have time or budget for garden maintenance, you’ll know how quickly a natural garden can become an overgrown mess of weeds, shrubs and grass, effecting a properties appeal and putting off potential tenants. An artificial grass installation from Wonderlawn lowers your maintenance on a garden and significantly reduces time and money spent on a rental property over the years.

6. Can’t look after a lawn?

There are many reasons you may not be able to take care of a lawn. Age, a disability, even just lack of time. Natural lawns take up a lot of your free time, with cutting, feeding, weeding, aerating and more.

An artificial grass installation is always ready to use, no matter what the conditions. It never needs mowing and maintenance can be as small as walking your garden every few weeks to see if an air born weed is trying to germinate in your lawn. Pull it out and you’ve done your maintenance for that month!

7. Add value to your property

Having a well-kept property always adds value to your home. Many older or disabled home buyers are choosing artificial grass for it’s low maintenance use. Many families who are time poor, are also choosing artificial grass for their gardens. When that grass has been supplied and installed by Wonderlawn experts you get the benefit of a beautiful installed lawn, as well as their industry beating 10 year warranty.

8. No More Mud and Mess

Lets be honest, it rains a lot in England. Muddy puddles on natural lawns are a nightmare for home owners, especially those with children or pets.

It’s great to get the little ones outdoors enjoying the garden, but not so great when you’re left clearing up the muddy mess.

Having an artificial grass installation means you do not have to worry about mud. That’s no mud on shoes, clothing or paws and no mud on carpets!

Wonderlawn artificial grass has drainage holes in the grass to allow rain to drain in to the base below. Meaning with regular rain, no puddling can occur.

9. Hay fever and allergies

Artificial grass is great for summer, a time which many people suffer from hay fever, mainly from grass and tree pollen. Artificial grass frees you from this yearly torment and is perfect for children or pets who suffer from hay fever.

10. Do you work away or like to holiday?

If you’re away from your property for an extended period of time, it’s hard to look after your garden. We’re often contacted by customers who work away, or over seas. Meaning they can’t physically get to their garden for maintenance. An artificial lawn is perfect if you fit in to the category.

11. Green grass all year round

artificial grass is green all year roundDoes your grass go brown or yellow in the summer heat? Does your grass turn in to mud in the autumn and winter? Artificial grass does not! It’s green and lush, just as the day it was installed, all year round!

12. Save water

The cost of electricity and gas has increased drastically in the UK. With water expected to be the next increase in your monthly bills. Save thousands by not watering a natural lawn in the summer with an artificial grass lawn.

Natural lawns require huge quantities of water and time taken to in order to keep them green. Save yourself time and money by not watering a natural lawn and installing an artificial grass lawn.

13. Grass Pests

Many natural grass owners are plagued by bugs and pests burying in their lawn. Invasive species like beetles, weevils, wasps, fleas and more can live in natural grass. Many customers have given up fighting against these invasive pests, buying pesticides and treating their lawn multiple times. The only thing that has worked is replacing the lawn with artificial grass.

These pests will not live in artificial grass as they cannot consume the synthetic materials used in artificial grass.

You’re also saving time and money as you do not have to buy and apply pesticide. This also improves safety, especially for pets and children who may suffer reactions to the pesticides.

14. Easy to clean up after your pets use the grass as a toilet

artificial grass installation for dogsWe all need to clean up after our pets. Dogs and cats tend to dig up grass and soil when burying their waste. This digging rips up natural grass leaving your garden looking a patchy, uneven mess.

Artificial grass is easily cleanable. You can pick up any solid waste and just hose down the rest, making it ideal for pets of all ages.

Wonderlawn can also offer a special pet infill for our artificial grass installations, that helps with dog wee smells, particularly if your dog goes to the bathroom in the same spot every time (this is common with female dogs).

Dogs also cannot dig in artificial grass as it’s a tough, backed product, protected by an infill when installed the Wonderlawn way. See how Wonderlawn professionally install artificial grass here.

15. A quick turn around

Natural grass is great if you have time. Installing natural turf takes months to bed in and requires constant maintenance. An average sized artificial lawn installed by Wonderlawn, usually takes 1-2 days to be installed and that’s it. You don’t need to dig anything off, buy supplies, or prep the garden. Wonderlawn do it all. Leaving your garden ready to be used how ever you want it, with the added bonus of less maintenance.

All of our installations are backed by Wonderlawn’s 10 year warranty that includes the grass, installation and basework. Call Wonderlawn today for your free quote on 0333 700 6000 or click the free quote button above for your free no obligation quote.

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