15 Nov 2016

The scary truth about conventional artificial lawns – and why Wonderlawn is different

There are lots of choices when it comes to artificial grass – from your cheap easy-to-roll stuff that you can buy at any DIY store, to high-quality products that require professional installation.

It can be a confusing industry, so it’s vital to do your research before making a purchase.

Read on to discover why you should never cut corners when it comes to buying artificial grass…

Cheap fake grass is a nightmare for pet owners

Because drainage of water isn’t even taken into consideration with some artificial lawns, that creates some nasty side effects for pet owners – particularly the smell of dog and cat urine which lies stagnant in the turf.

Wonderlawn’s Petfill Plus composition is scientifically engineered to ensure that dog and cat urine doesn’t become an issue. Our organic infill absorbs pet urine, traps the smells, and then flushes the waste into the earth. It’s environmentally friendly and poses no risk at all to your pet’s health.

It must be secured properly

For artificial turf to be secured safely and consistently, you need a professional installer who does it for a living. That’s why the fact that you can walk into just about any DIY store and buy ready-to-roll artificial turf worries us – rolling the turf on your existing surface just isn’t the way to do it, and the difference in quality between a professionally installed lawn and a DIY job is phenomenal.

There’s also another problem with the lack of professional installation – turf theft. We’ve written in detail about this in the past, but when some artificial lawns are secured with only a handful of screws, theft can be a real threat.

Cheap fake lawns will look terrible

People shouldn’t always be able to tell when you’re faking it – and fake grass shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb on cant-believe-its-not-real-grass your street.

Take our Natural Lux composition as an example – it’s specifically designed to look like a lawn that’s in need of mowing, giving it a slightly wild look. With its 60mm fibre and rich brown undergrowth, it’s the closest thing to real grass yet. As you can see from the image to the right, Wonderlawn looks just like real grass.

Another reason Wonderlawn looks like the real thing is because it behaves like the real thing. Our advance-shaped yarns are able to resist flattening and bounce back to their original shape.




Other guarantees don’t guarantee everything

Many artificial turf companies offer a ten-year guarantee with their products – but that guarantee usually covers nothing more than a lawn’s ‘colour stability’. That’s right, these guarantees cover nothing more than a lawn’s ability to stay green, and we believe that staying green is the very least you’d expect of an artificial lawn!

That’s why we include a ten-year guarantee that covers absolutely every aspect of your lawn’s performance – including the installation process!

Got any questions? Perhaps you yourself have bought an artificial lawn that you’re not happy with, and need advice. If so, you can get in touch with us here to arrange a free survey, free quote, or to request free samples.

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