31 Aug 2016

Secure Your Turf with Wonderlawn

“I’ve never heard of a lawn being stolen before.” That’s exactly what Wrexham pensioner Mair Ingman had to say after having a vast section of her £2,100 artificial lawn stolen while she slept. Mair was in disbelief at what had happened – there are many things in a garden that thieves would like to get their hands on, but the turf itself is probably the last thing you’d imagine being stolen. Unfortunately, artificial turf security can be an issue for owners, but we believe that when your turf is Wonderlawn, theft becomes less of a concern. Lawn security

So why exactly do thieves go to the massive effort of stealing a whole garden’s worth of turf? Well that’s the issue – sometimes, stealing artificial turf is no real effort at all. In many cases, the artificial turf is simply rolled on the ground and secured with a few staples or an adhesive. This method of application is inappropriate for a whole host of reasons, not just for security purposes.

The Wonderlawn Difference

At Wonderlawn, we use our very own team of installers to make sure that the installation process is carried out correctly, and where other artificial lawns use sand or timber in their bases (which rot and deteriorate over time), we use specific aggregates to maintain durability.

Our weed membrane is “commercial” grade, and our installations are so thorough that specialist machinery is required in order to correctly apply the turf. This isn’t the sort of artificial turf a thief could steal in a hurry.

And on top of all this, it is with pride that we offer a ten-year guarantee not only on the turf itself, but a ten-year guarantee which covers absolutely every aspect of the artificial lawn installation process. Considering that competitors usually offer a warranty that covers nothing more than turf ‘colour stability’, you’ll be in safe hands with Wonderlawn.

If you’ve got any questions about how Wonderlawn can transform your garden into the one you’ve always dreamed of, or if you’d like us to carry out a free survey or send you some samples, you can get in touch here.

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