2 Aug 2016

Spend the rest of your summer… NOT mowing the lawn

with artificial grass you don't need to mow the lawnThe rain has stopped, the clouds have cleared, and the sun is finally shining. A warm breeze ripples through the trees, and you’re finally feeling the temptation to light up the barbecue. Then you peer out into the back garden and see… an overgrown meadow of angry grass. Oh well, you’ll just have to get the lawn mower out before you can relax with a cold drink in the sun.

Between the months of March and June, most people in the UK will find they need to mow their lawn on average, twice per month. And throughout July and August, lawnmower companies recommend mowing your lawn once or twice per WEEK – that is, if you want it to be at a comfortable length. When autumn rolls around, you’ll probably just need to mow every two weeks or so, until it’s too cold and wet to do anything outside anyway.

Mowing a typical lawn takes on average one hour. Most landscaping experts recommend mowing often, as opposed to mowing the grass short, as this could cause it to die and become brown. Great! More time spent working in the garden, rather than enjoying it.

Plus, there’s the little details to consider: pull the weeds, master the optimal lawn mowing patterns, clean up and bin the clippings, water the lawn when it’s too hot, fertilise the grass when it’s looking sad, strim the edges, plant grass in dead growth areas… The list goes on.

How to get a perfect lawn

All in all, mowing the lawn can become the bane of your life during the limited number of summer days we actually get to experience in the UK. So why deal with it? What about actually enjoying your time off? Don’t you want that perfect lawn without the hassle?

Wonderlawn’s artificial grass requires no maintenance. It’s always green, always the right length, and never muddy. Wonderlawn artificial grass means no mowing Plus, once you’ve had your artificial lawn professionally installed by our expert team, the product AND base work are guaranteed for ten years. That means you’ll have a green, lush, perfectly laid grass for the next ten years, that you can enjoy whenever you’d like.

Wake up and stroll into the back garden with your coffee cup and bare feet. Plan a barbecue and assemble that kebab recipe you’ve been wanting to make for ages but just haven’t had time. Set up an entertaining weekend of lawn games for the whole family. Go on holiday without hiring the neighbour kid to maul your back yard.

The possibilities are endless for your summer when you have an artificial lawn from Wonderlawn. Contact us for a free sample to see just how natural and comfortable our grass is, or request a free quote to determine the cost of a perfect lawn.

Wonderlawn look forward to helping make your summer amazing!

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