20 Sep 2016

Decades of jealous neighbours

Everyone knows how car insurance works, but imagine you had a crash and your insurance company told you that all that was ever covered was the paintwork of your car… That’s essentially the norm in the artificial turf industry.


While many turf companies advertise a five or ten-year guarantee, what they fail to tell you is that that guarantee covers nothing more than the ‘colour stability’ of the lawn. So if the lawn starts falling apart or developing bald spots, then you can’t really complain so long as the lawn remains green – and we think staying green is the very minimum you’d expect of an artificial lawn.

That’s why we’re proud to include a ten-year guarantee that covers absolutely every aspect of your lawn – from the installation process to the durability of the turf. And that’s on top of the fact that Wonderlawn:

  1. Only uses the highest-quality materials in our bases, unlike conventional artificial lawn companies who use base materials susceptible to rotting!
  2. Only uses a trained team of professional turf installers like Wonderlawn artificial grass expert in Bournemouth to ensure the installation process is as thorough and as effective as possible.
  3. Only uses the most advanced-shaped yarns, which are scientifically engineered to resist flattening, look amazing, and feel just like the real thing.

So we’re pretty sure that you’re going to have the best lawn on the street for at least the next ten years, although we’re confident that Wonderlawn will still look great 20 years after installation. And we’re sorry if your neighbours start throwing jealous looks your way – unfortunately that’s a common side effect for people who install Wonderlawn artificial grass in their garden.

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