14 Jul 2023

The benefits of using artificial grass for school playgrounds

Aside from the aesthetics of artificial grass, there are also many other benefits that come with artificial grass, especially for school and nursery playgrounds, toddler play areas and recreational sports areas.

Artificial grass has become a go-to solution for many local nurseries and schools offering children the ability to play outside and safely make childhood memories to last a lifetime.

Read 6 benefits of installing artificial grass in school playgrounds:

Can be used all year round whatever the weather conditions

When real grass is heavily used it creates patches that can be a tripping hazard for small children that are playing around without paying attention, and the wet weather can also create unsafe muddy puddles.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, is durable and weather resistant, both huge benefits when it comes to surviving heavy use and the British weather. Artificial grass lasts considerably longer than real grass, it is free-draining and prevents the forming of bare patches or paths, staying fresh-looking all year long.

Allergy free

Grass pollen is one of the most common triggers of hay fever. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t release pollen into the air during the spring and summer months providing relief for all the little hay fever sufferers.

No chemicals

Artificial grass doesn’t need any chemicals such as fertilisers or weed killers to be maintained.

These toxic chemicals can be very harmful to children’s health and although school grounds typically shut down when chemicals are applied to the grass it’s still much simpler and safer to install artificial grass and never take the risk of children coming into contact with these chemicals.

No maintenance

The benefit of lower maintenance applies wherever our artificial grass may be installed.

Once our artificial grass is installed there is minimal maintenance required, there is no need for mowing or trimming. Artificial grass is purposely designed to be low maintenance and to last for years.

Cost savings

With no maintenance needed all financial costs are immediately removed.

Artificial grass for schools may seem like a costly renovation, but it actually saves your institute money in the long run. Expenses you would be spending yearly on trimming and care services for natural grass won’t be required any more.

Soft and safe surface

Lastly, safety in school premises is extremely important and when installing our artificial grass, special underlays are included to ensure critical fall height guidelines are met.

Patented organic infills are also included that reduce the risk of injury and provide a less abrasive surface for a soft impact when children trip and fall.

Here at Wonderlawn, we were the first artificial grass company to use specially shaped grass fibres in the UK. This gives the turf extra grip and sturdiness, which prevents slipping when children are running around in the playground.

We can also install our artificial grass with a shock pad for areas that need extra critical fall height protection, such as under climbing frames.


Transform your school’s playground and outdoor areas into lush and safe green play areas! We have developed a range of artificial grass solutions to fit schools’ requirements and budgets and our products are backed by our 10 Year guarantee.

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Read our case study for an installation at Bishop Gilpin Church of England Primary School, Wimbledon.

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