Artificial grass for Schools – Bishop Gilpin School

Friday 18 October 2019

Bishop Gilpin Church of England Primary School, Wimbledon

Bishop Gilpin Church of England Primary School in Wimbledon had a tired muddy area at the entrance to their school. It doubled up as a scooter park for the children and was a baron mess of mud!

Wonderlawn were contacted by their main contractor for the site redevelopment, to install Wonderlawn Superior artificial grass throughout.

bishop gilpin school before artificial grass

You can see the old entrance was a danger to students. Full of trip hazards and bare grass areas.

bishop gilpin c of e school before artificial grass

The original paved path was uneven and dangerous.

bishop gilpin school path before artificial grass installed by Wonderlawn

Grass had failed to survive leaving bare soil in the summer months and a mud bath in the winter making the whole area almost unusable.

The area was cleared of shrubs and some small trees, and the work began to create a low maintenance year round play area for the school.

For larger installations on commercial sites, heavier equipment is normally used, in this case, to remove over 25 tons of earth, stone and debris.

the correct base is important for an artificial grass installation

Our work always starts with a commercial grade membrane and a Type 1 aggregate base. As there was a steep and sometimes dangerous slope to the rear, we reduced this by the addition of more stone, in this case nearly 75 tons. This is followed by a layer of crushed granite, all levelled and compacted.

This particular installation was to include a new tarmac pathway which would be safer and drain correctly.

artificial grass installed looks real

The finished result is an incredible transformation!

the students of biship gilpin school have a safe clean artificial grass lawn to play on

Now the students have safe, clean area to play on.

artificial grass installed in a school next to a tarmac path

And the schools entrance looks amazing. Read more about Wonderlawn artificial grass for schools.

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