Our Artificial lawn Technology

Wonderlawn use artificial grass technology to increase resilience and create better looking, longer lasting lawns.

Wonderlawn have always been at the forefront of grass technology

Whilst most artificial grass will not fade because its UV stabilized and will last for many years simply because its plastic, the reality is that it can flatten quite easily and give a poor long term result. By using advanced yarns that are shaped to provide resilience and infills that designed to provide stability and realism we are using technology to enhance the installation and create longer lasting better looking artificial lawns.

Wonderlawn have always been at the forefront of this technology and believe there is no substitute for quality and performance in artificial grass. Whereas most other companies are focused on price to keep them competitive, Wonderlawn focus on premium materials, installation methods and great guarantees to ensure excellent value for money.

How are we different?

We were the first company to use shaped fibre products for artificial lawn installation into gardens in the UK.

We were the first company to install artificial grass capable of FIFA approval into Schools, Nurseries and gardens in the UK.

We are the only company to feature a 10 year warranty on both our artificial grass products and the base installation giving you extra piece of mind.

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We use a mixture of shapes depending on the type of lawn and usage

Natural looking artificial lawn
  • Heavy metal and lead free
  • Natural looking
  • Less glossy
  • Variety of yarn shapes
polyethylene yarns artificial lawn
  • Dense undergrowth for extra support
  • Polyethylene yarns
  • PU and Latex backing
  • Advanced Polymers
stain resistant artificial lawn
  • Better resilience
  • Better UV Stability
  • Stain resistant
  • 20-55mm options

There are two main areas where technology plays an important role in our grass

Yarn/fibre shape

Most artificial grass is manufactured from flat polypropylene/ polyethylene and has little ability to recover when flattened. Whilst this flattening does not affect the usability of the lawn it certainly affects the way it looks and feels. Using advanced “shaped” yarns can help reduce this flattening. We use shapes that impart a natural resilience and ability to spring back after use, meaning they look better for much, much longer.

Infill Material

All Wonderlawn products have a special infill put into them by machines. The reason for the infill is to support the fibres (both long and short) and this ensures that the resilience of the particular product it maximised. It also helps to contour the lawn to the ground allowing a more natural end result and removing the need for a timber frame. This infill has to be a certain size and shape to do its job correctly.

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