12 Apr 2016

The Fake Grass Advantage

The Artificial Advantage – Artificial Grass NewcastleHave you noticed more beautifully green gardens springing up around the country, despite the lack of sunshine overall, or less brown patchy grass due to hosepipe bans?

Are you wondering how so many homeowners are bringing a lush summer lawn to their home despite it being so mild outside? The answer to that question is artificial grass, of course, as more and more people are opting to trade in their natural garden for something with a huge range of benefits and advantages.

But what are those benefits, we hear you ask? Well, wonder no more! The first advantage, and probably the biggest reason for the popularity of our artificial grass, definitely has to do with the tremendously low maintenance requirements of any lawn created from synthetic grass. The grass does not grow, so weeding, watering, mowing and more are instantly taken out of the picture, and you’ll be doing away with the risk of mud so pet owners and gardeners can rejoice at last.

Artificial grass is of course also perfectly suitable for children to play on, as well as any pets that you might have that just can’t wait to get out into the garden and enjoy themselves when the sun’s out. We’ve gone to lengths to ensure that all of our artificial grass is as soft and non-abrasive as possible, after all, so it’s safe to say that neither kids nor pets will be able to tell the difference between a natural lawn and one that’s completely artificial.

Of course, you should never think for a second that we’ve compromised a thing in the way of hard wearing properties solely on account of the gorgeous natural aesthetic and soft touch that our artificial grass boasts, as we’ve managed to strike a perfect balance. Artificial grass started as a sports surface, after all, so it only makes sense that any lawn created using it will be more than able to bounce back, resist flattening and ward away even the worst of the weather with ease.

So why not order your very own free sample pack today to see just how fantastic our artificial grass can be first hand?

Whether you’re in the market for luxuriously long artificial grass to make the most of your garden, or you’d prefer a shorter pile height product perhaps to take on the road as part of an exhibition, make sure that you get in touch with Wonderlawn! Our team is always waiting to help you get your hands on the finest artificial grass has to offer, and getting in contact is as simple as dropping us a quick call. Why wait?

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