14 Apr 2016

A Sporty Legacy for Astro turf

A Sporty Legacy for Artificial GrassAs you might have already known, artificial grass is a material which has its roots in sports. Back when it was first conceived as an alternative to a natural surface and more widely known by the name of AstroTurf, artificial grass was almost exclusively utilised on courts and pitches to provide a highly resilient and reliable surface for sports to be played on.

While artificial grass has come a long, long way since those days, that legacy continues here at Wonderlawn in the shape of our very own sports surfaces. We’re always striving to make sure our artificial grass is the very best it can be in that regard, with nothing but the most innovative design finding a place in the product.

The success of our sports oriented artificial grass products starts with the uniquely crafted infill that we use, with an advanced and closely tailored formula improving foot stability, dampening vibration and much more. By utilising an organically styled composition, our artificial grass Staffordshire-wide is able to completely improve and enhance the benefits offered by a natural surface. You can expect lower surface temperatures, less abrasion and even better impact absorption no matter what, with a high standard of resistance that’s guaranteed to last for years.

All of that could be brought home with you, too, as our artificial grass is more than able to create practice turfs and personal putting areas perfect for bringing your favourite game to your home. We’ll always provide the utmost quality no matter what you’re looking for, so why not come and invest in a sports surface from Wonderlawn today?

As leading suppliers of top quality artificial grass, we’re always striving to making sure that our artificial grass is perfectly ready and able to create your ideal sports surface today – no matter what game you’re looking to play on it. Simply get in contact as soon as you can, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide you with the perfect artificial grass before you know it.

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