21 Jul 2016

Lawn games and artificial lawn

One of the best things about summertime is getting outdoors and finally being able to enjoy your garden in the sunshine. Unless it rains, in which case you’re left with a muddy mess that the kids and pets will continue to play in… and then traipse in the house!

With an artificial lawn from Wonderlawn, you won’t have to worry about mud, and don’t need to waste your time mowing and maintaining the yard. Instead, why not dedicate your time to organising some lawn games with the family?








These are just a few of the benefits of playing lawn games on artificial grass:

  • No need to worry about mowing an overgrown lawn before enjoying a nice, family game outdoors. Just stroll outside and enjoy a luscious lawn!
  • Feel free to roll around in the grass – your clothes and shoes aren’t going to turn green.
  • Head inside without a care after you’ve let the kids win – the house will remain spotless without the typical grass, mud or dirt tracked inside following an afternoon in the garden.
  • Wonderlawn artificial grass feels soft to the touch, and is comfortable underfoot, so lawn games can be played barefoot comfortably.
  • Artificial turf, or ‘astroturf’ was originally developed as a reliable and resilient surface for sports, and our artificial grass offers great impact absorption for falls and low abrasion for an excellent playing surface.

If you haven’t already had a Wonderlawn installed, contact us for a free sample, a free survey or a quote. We offer a fast artificial grass installation, so you’ll be able to enjoy lawn games even more this summer!

If you already have artificial turf, try some of these backyard activities to take full advantage of your fabulous lawn this summer.

Lawn games to enjoy on your artificial lawn

Giant board games

Bring traditional indoor games outside to enjoy your new, perfect grass!








DIY a giant game of Jenga by simply stacking up two-by-four wooden blocks. Or, create a homemade Kerplunk using a tomato wire cage, dowels, and balls. We can ensure that desired areas of your lawn are level when we install your artificial grass, so you’ll have the perfect spot to balance the giant board games!







You could also rent a giant board game (or two) for an easy, relaxing and entertaining day in the garden!

Better-than-ever water balloon fight

water fight








You’ll enjoy a mud-free water balloon fight on your artificial grass! Plus, no grass sticking to you, an easy clean-up, and the lawn will drain effectively without any mess. Now, just to avoid being hit…

Pokemon Go

Can’t get your child to play outside because they’re addicted to their smartphone? Compromise, and try out the new smartphone game, Pokemon Go, an app which encourages users to get out and discover Pokemon in your own backyard or around the neighbourhood!


lawn games limbo








Take the game of limbo to the next level with a nice, plush lawn to fall into after leaning back too far! DIY limbo is easily created with a team of at least three people and a long stick – two people can take turns holding the stick while the other attempts to walk underneath!

Time for a trampoline?








With an artificial lawn, you can finally buy that trampoline you’ve always wanted! A trampoline on the back lawn will provide non-stop entertainment all summer long, and with your artificial lawn, you won’t end up with a dead patch of grass underneath it. Plus, a springfree trampoline is safe for children!

Your artificial lawn won’t die, dry out, fade or become muddy from anything being placed upon it – get a mud-free paddle pool, a lovely Wendy house or football goal – and don’t worry about brown grass. Your kids will learn to love the back garden even more than their tablets!


Ready to learn more about artificial grass installation to enjoy lawn games on a perfect backyard? Get in touch!

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