20 Mar 2015

Interesting Uses of fake lawns – Kids Bedrooms

Artificial Grass is a carpet alternative fit for the Premier League and so can be part of the football fanatics dream bedroom.

Here at Wonderlawn, we not only specialise in helping thousands of home owners create their perfect weatherproof garden, but those with a little more of an artistic flair flex their creativity. With this in mind, we’ve been blogging about the different interesting uses of artificial grass to help highlight just how creative you can get with artificial grass.

Part three of our blog takes a look at how cool kid’s bedrooms can be with a little imagination.

Artificial grass is perfect for little football fanatics and can really make a bedroom come to life. Artificial grass is a great alternative to carpet as it not only looks awesome, but is easier to clean as stains completely wash out. Moisture does not lock in to the strands meaning stains wash out, or rub out quickly and easily, so parents can rest assured there are no serious cleaning jobs if your little Ronaldo spills food or drink whilst watching the game in their room. Artificial grass can be vacuum cleaned just like regular carpet too, just make sure you use an alternative to the sand infill or you’ll have a vacuum cleaner full of it.

commercial artificial grass installations in playgrounds

In addition, our artificial grass is spongy which means it’s soft on little feet, so your little Ronaldo or Messi in the making will feel comfortable walking on it.

Best of all, artificial grass indoors isn’t just for kids – it also makes for great man-cave carpet alternative or games room flooring options for that awesome lad pad! We’re also proud to say that we use the same technology and yarn that is found in FIFA 2 star synthetic football pitches to create our grass. In fact our own grass is used internationally on artificial grass pitches and stadiums around the world!

If you’d like to create your own football pitch or football themed bedroom with artificial grass, contact Wonderlawn on 0333 700 6000 or sales@wonderlawn.com today.

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