23 Mar 2015

Interesting Uses of synthetic Grass – Boat Decks

Here at Wonderlawn, we absolutely love helping thousands of home owners create their perfect weatherproof garden, but another thing we specialise in is helping those with a little more of an artistic flair realise their dreams of creating something extra special with their artificial grass. With this in mind, we’ve been blogging about the different interesting uses of artificial grass to help highlight just how creative you can get with this must have gardening solution.

Today we’re talking about the use of artificial grass on boats in part 4 of our interesting uses of artificial grass series.

Artificial grass is already widely used on cruise ships as it provides quality, slip free flooring for walkways and areas where sports are played. Yet it’s the smaller boats where artificial grass really shines. As boat decks can be particularly difficult to keep clean due to petrol and chemical spills, the surrounding water itself can splash overboard. As rain and saltwater can really put a strain on the finish of your boat deck, artificial grass helps protect it. It can also be used for some more fun applications too!

Easily placed by an adhesive, artificial grass is perfect for boat decks as it reduces slipping hazards and can withstand wear and tear really well – this is why it is widely regarded as a superior flooring option in dog kennels and used in football pitches – it’s super tough and easy to clean. Best of all, artificial grass will dry out very quickly without any discolouring, meaning your boat deck will look fantastic for years and years. If you do spill something just hose it down and the stain is gone.

Better yet, you’ll have a comfortable alternative to hard wood floorings that feels great on the feet.

Whether you own a canal boat, narrow boat or even a cruise liner, artificial grass is perfect for you. Easily cut to whatever length you require and secured via a strong adhesive – your bespoke needs can be met instantly with our help, and your boat will look awesome too!

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