25 Mar 2015

Interesting Uses of our Grass – Campervans!

Here at Wonderlawn, we come across all sorts of awesome ways to use artificial grass and not only help thousands of creative people realise their dream garden, but enable those with that little bit of extra creative flair get the most out of their artificial grass too. With this in mind, we’ve been blogging about the different interesting uses of artificial grass, highlighting just how creative people get with this must have gardening option.

Part 5 of our interesting uses of artificial grass blog looks at campervans.

Artificial grass is a fantastic option for those in need of an awesome alternative to carpet at home, a non-slip mat for boats and even a great eye catching feature in cars – especially campervans. If you love the great outdoors, why not enjoy it all year round, regardless of the weather? Artificial grass can be easily cut and placed inside campervans, creating an instant non slip carpet option that is easier to keep clean. Plus, it looks absolutely awesome.

Whether you’re a football fan, golf fanatic or lover of the outdoors, artificial grass will appeal to you. If you’re a festival goer trekking around the country in a campervan or love climbing mountains on the weekends, artificial grass is perfect as you can place it inside the van confident in the knowledge your car won’t get muddy or dirty. When the festival or hike is over just remove it, hose it down and place it back inside for a good as new car mat.

In addition, artificial grass looks great as textured wallpaper, acting as a thin layer of insulation and buffer for noise too, so sleeping inside your camper is more comfortable.

For those with static caravans, artificial grass is another fantastic option that can be easily placed around your holiday home. If you’re on the move – just roll it up and take it with you, meaning you’ve got a front lawn wherever you decide to stop for the night.

Ok this picture might be a little crazy, but this person gets top points for creativity here.

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