18 Mar 2015

Interesting Uses of putting grass – Mini Golf

If you want a gorgeous garden but don’t want to spend lots of time mowing your lawn, weeding and watering, artificial grass is a great solution. You don’t even need to worry about it sparking off your hay fever, making it an ideal substitute to traditional turf.

Artificial grass isn’t just reserved for your garden lawn though, so we’ve been researching this blog series looking at its most unusual uses. We’re hoping to give you some interesting ideas and today we’re looking at mini golf.

Artificial grass is a must-have for the keen golfer. You can practice your putts and sharpen up your swing in the comfort of your own home and give your garden a fun feature while you’re at it. Here at Wonderlawn, we have a fantastic selection of artificial grass that’s been especially designed with golfers in mind. So whether it’s to spruce up your skills so you can show off at the club, or just to have fun with the kids, an artificial grass mini golf course could be just what you need in your garden.

It’d be great for entertaining too. Imagine the fun family and friends can have at BBQs and parties with a round of mini golf. And because it’s artificial grass you don’t have to worry about the lawn getting torn up, or people walking mud back through the house. Wonderlawn artificial grass won’t become flattened or dull either – in fact we were voted UK’s No. 1 artificial grass brand by the Daily Mail. A hole in one!

To make your very own mini golf course, call Wonderlawn on 0333 700 6000 or sales@wonderlawn.com for more information.

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