18 Feb 2017

Can a fake lawn save you money?

We’ve discussed in detail in the past about the practical and visual benefits of installing artificial turf. But those arguments aside, how does Wonderlawn stack up from a financial point of view? Can installing artificial turf save you money in the long term?

Improve the value of your home

Experts estimate that good landscaping can add up to 15% to the value of your property.Save you money

Similarly, poorly-maintained gardens can significantly reduce the value of a home, and dissuade potential buyers. Some studies indicate that a messy garden could knock a whopping £60,000 off the value of your home. After all, negative first impressions are hard to overcome, and the house-buying process is particularly reliant on first impressions.

The false economy of conventional artificial turf

This is also a good opportunity to talk about the false economy of cheaper artificial turf – particularly those ready-to-roll ones which can be picked up at just about any DIY store. If your turf is just being ‘rolled’ onto an existing surface, it won’t be long before it begins to show signs of wear and tear, and it’ll need replacing sooner. You can read more about Wonderlawn’s unrivalled artificial grass installation process here.

Saving the most valuable commodity of them all – your time

This is perhaps the main benefit of installing artificial turf – it’s virtually maintenance free! It is estimated that the average adult spends around two months of their life mowing the lawn – that’s two months that could definitely be put to better use elsewhere! No more mowing means you can spend more time tending to the more enjoyable aspects of gardening.

It’s important to remember that artificial turf is a long-term investment, and the benefits of installing premium artificial turf like Wonderlawn far outweigh any initial costs. That’s why we include a ten-year guarantee with all of our lawns as standard, although we’re confident that our products will last significantly beyond ten years.

If you’re considering installing artificial turf and want to learn more, have you ordered one of our free samples yet? Order yours today!

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