27 Jan 2017

Maintain the garden of your dreams into old age

On average, 87,000 people are admitted to hospital every year due to gardening-related injuries. And that’s just the serious injuries – it doesn’t take into account all of those trips, bumps, and scrapes!

Unfortunately, it’s the elderly who are particularly at risk of sustaining injury when gardening – and even the basic gardening chores like mowing the lawn can become a real struggle later in age.

Maintain garden

Mow no more and concentrate on the finer things in life!

That’s where we come in: with an artificial lawn, you no longer need to worry about mowing the lawn every two weeks (when the weather improves). This comes as a massive relief not only for those who struggle to maintain a lawn, but also their relatives.

But it’s not just the safety aspect that makes Wonderlawn the perfect choice for the elderly. Retirement is the ultimate opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life – and that’s a list which certainly doesn’t include mowing the lawn!

That’s the real beauty of artificial turf – it allows you to concentrate on other, more rewarding aspects of your garden, like plants, flowers, the rockery, or that bird table you’ve been wanting to make for a while now.

Because you’ll have more time to spend on improving your garden, and a lawn which looks immaculate all year round, the overall buzz and feel of the home can be significantly improved.

It’s also pet-friendly

Another benefit of Wonderlawn is that it’s the most pet-friendly artificial turf on the market. Our specially-designed Petfill Plus infill absorbs nasty smells from pet urine, which simply washes away when it rains. And any additional pet waste can be disposed of in the normal way, there is no issue of staining to worry about.

So you can have a Wonderlawn installed without feeling guilty about how your furry little friend will react to it. Many of our elderly customers feedback to us how much their dog loves playing on a Wonderlawn!

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