10 Dec 2015

An Artificial Choice

an artificial grass installation by WonderlawnOne of the biggest reasons to make the switch from a natural grass lawn to one created out of our top quality artificial grass is definitely to do with maintenance, as we’re sure that just about any homeowner with a garden has at some point toiled and worked hard to keep their garden or lawn looking neat and ordered.

An artificial grass lawn guarantees that you’ll see an increase in the amount of free time you have to dedicate to other pursuits, especially if you’re keen on pursuing gardening that doesn’t involve keeping your grass in check. This is because our artificial grass never grows, never requires watering for as long as it’s put in place, ensuring a no hassle garden you’ll only ever have to give a quick brush over and remove seeds or debris which fallen on your lawn every once in a while.

There’s also an added factor of convenience for pet owners in particular, due to the innovatively designed self-cleaning surface of our artificial grass. Urine is easily drained away from the grass once your pet has done their business, filtering down and neutralising the ammonia contained within, and when it next rains the grass will be washed completely clean. The clean and lushly green texture of the grass, too, ensures that removing dog dirt is a clean and incredible easy affair.

Of course, those are just a few of the benefits, so make sure you take a look through our website for a full list of advantages and different kinds of products to suit any possible applications. Our artificial grass is just waiting to find a place in your home!

If you’re feeling tempted to invest in the finest artificial grass, why not make the switch from a natural turf today? Make sure you get in contact with the team here at Wonderlawn as soon as you can, as we’re just waiting to hear from you and deliver a result you can be proud of. You won’t find higher quality artificial grass, especially not for such amazing value for money!

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