14 Dec 2015

Artificially Active

artificial grass Newcastle

Our astroturf and artificial grass comes in a tremendous variety to suit the many different requirements demanded by different kinds of sports, and each of our products can look completely different from each other depending on where we intend it to go.

For example our artificial tennis surfaces are of a shorter and stiffer nature, utilising a special red or green sand infill which provides excellent foot stability and completely authentic ball bounce. It offers the opportunity for a top quality, professional standard court while cutting down on maintenance and guaranteeing a long lasting surface even under heavy use.

There’s also golf, which provides a fantastic opportunity to provide artificial grass that’s as varied as can be. Our impressive range of products can cover everything from tee to green, with our winter range providing a highly resistant and preferable alternative to the dreaded temporary tee areas used when the weather turns a little foul.

Whether you’re looking for a sports surface perfect for tennis, golf, football or more, we here at Wonderlawn can guarantee that our fantastic artificial grass is certainly up to the task. We’ve gone to lengths to ensure nothing but the best standards of quality each and every time you invest in what we have to offer and the same extends to our service as well as our many products. You’ll never be waiting long to get your hands on your ideal artificial grass and our dedicated network of installers will always be on hand to ensure everything is done right the first time around.

So, if you’re in the market for a sports surface you can trust, it might just be time to go artificial! After all, we’re always striving to make our artificial grass the very best it can be, so what’s stopping you from getting in touch with the team here at Wonderlawn? Make sure you get in contact with us!

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