27 Jan 2016

A Sporty Spotlight

Here at Wonderlawn, we’re always looking for brand new ways to refine and improve our artificial grass products through innovation, clever design and implementation of all the latest technology on the market. We’re always trying new ways to improve on our product, and because of that drive we think we’ve created something truly special for sports. Why not read on and see what you think?

Our artificial grass has always been incredibly versatile in its many applications, and the secret to that lies with the specially designed, advanced infills that we make use of, particularly when it comes to creating top quality artificial grass surfaces for sports. Rather than opt in for the somewhat traditional choice of rubber crumb, we’ve made sure that our sports infill utilises a unique formula combining coconut and cork to give it all of the incredibly realistic qualities making our artificial grass the number one choice for a huge number of people.

It’s that advanced infill that provides so many benefits for our sports related artificial grass, bringing improved foot stability and vibration dampening as two of the biggest factors leading to people instantly taking a like to playing sports on a surface we created. Alongside that, an additional improvement in impact absorption, less abrasion and lower surface temperatures all around are qualities that all work together to create artificial grass that lends itself perfect to being a sport surface.

Make sure you don’t miss out on what the team here at Wonderlawn have to offer you. We’ve been in the business of providing artificial grass for a while now, so don’t wait to get in contact and let us know what you need!

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