4 Feb 2016

A Real Contender

If you’ve been looking for artificial grass, but you haven’t found a product that quite matches the look of a natural garden, we couldn’t blame you! It can be hard to find artificial grass that really grabs you if you really do love your garden and won’t settle for less than the best, and even harder to find an artificial lawn which is genuinely authentic looking even when compared to the real thing. We’d like to put forward our Natural Plus artificial grass for consideration, however, as we’ve definitely created something very special – and as the name might suggest, something very natural to boot!

Featuring our innovative U-shape technology, Natural Plus is a fantastic artificial grass product which features a soft and bouncy surface coupled with the kind of slightly unkempt, wholly natural look you’d expect to see out in a countryside field. Behind that incredibly lush look and feel sits all of the time we’ve spent pouring into our artificial grass to make it as resilient and hard wearing as possible, of course, with a shorter pile height specially incorporated to make this grass formidably tough against flattening and as springy as the real thing.

In fact, we put so much confidence in the quality of our artificial grass that we offer you the chance to get your hands on your very own free samples for any of our products, though you really have to see what an entire garden created from our artificial grass looks like to truly appreciate what a stunning and realistic effect it can have. At the very least, however, getting your hands on your own free samples ensures that you’ll be able to see all of the incredible qualities displayed by our artificial grass, and then pick out which one is your ideal product.

When you then consider that our Natural Plus artificial grass comes with a 10 year warrantee, it should be obvious why so many people name us their number one supplier of artificial grass across the country.

As leading suppliers of the finest artificial grass, we here at Wonderlawn are always ready to hear from you and get you the perfect product before you know it. Whether it’s our Natural Plus artificial grass that’s sparked your attention or any of the other incredible products we have in our stock, make sure you know exactly how to get in touch. You can get in contact either by phone or email, so don’t wait!

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