10 Feb 2016

A Successful Shape

We here at Wonderlawn pride ourselves on creating velvety soft artificial grass which not only looks exactly like the real thing, but also feels and performs just like it, coming with a tremendous capability to ward off the elements as well! It might sound like we’re working miracles, but the secret lies with our innovatively designed “C” shaped yarn and all the fantastic benefits it can bring to an artificial grass lawn from Wonderlawn!

When it comes to creating artificial grass which is completely lush and natural-looking, with a similarly authenticity to the touch, there’s really nothing quite like our “C” shaped yarn to create incredible artificial grass lawns which strike the perfect balance between softness and hard-wearing resistance against all sources of wear.

All of the artificial grass lawns we have in store for you feature cleverly crafted design features, but it’s our Superior artificial grass which makes full use of our “C” shaped yarn – and the results are predictably impressive. With densely packed, 37mm long fibres that make you feel as if you’re walking happily on a cloud, the densely padded undergrowth we’ve added to our Superior artificial grass also has the benefit of looking incredibly similar to a natural meadow. Whenever you have our “C” shaped yarn backing up your artificial grass, you can trust it to perform.

Of course, it’s not the only fantastically designed fibre or yarn that we have to offer you, so make sure you don’t hesitate to have a look through our full stock of products and pick out something special you couldn’t do without. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our artificial grass.

If you’ve been searching for the most authentic, top quality artificial grass, you definitely won’t want to miss what we here at Wonderlawn could do for you. With a tremendous range of artificial grass products perfect for creating the ideal garden, sports surface, exhibition stand and much more, our team is always waiting to hear from you. Make sure you get in contact as soon as you can.

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