22 Jan 2016

A Perfect Pick for Pets

As pet lovers ourselves, we’ve invested a huge amount of effort into ensuring that the many products in our range of artificial grass are stunning investments that pets are guaranteed to love. We ensure that you’ll be feeling the benefits too, as it’s your garden first and foremost.

Mud is one of those major pains that pet owners have been dealing with for a long time now, but thankfully our very own artificial grass offers a fantastic way to ensure your lush, green garden is not just a soft paradise for your pets but also one that won’t have them coming back into the kitchen caked in mud. Say goodbye to that dreaded feeling when your dog shakes itself off and bid farewell to following muddy paw prints back to a guilty looking pet, as owning an artificial grass lawn means that you instantly remove the risk of those kinds of messes even in the most rain soaked conditions.

A free draining weave also means that urine will wash away naturally and leave no odour, with other unwanted deposits similarly easy to remove hygienically, so it’s safe to say that your lift as a pet owner certainly gets a lot easier with the help of our artificial grass!

If you’re looking to own a garden which not only provides a hassle free home for your pets but also requires very little maintenance at all, you’ll definitely want to look into getting your hands on the perfect artificial grass. The most you’ll have to do is give your artificial grass lawn a once over with a brush to keep it free of clutter and properly primped, so why not make Wonderlawn your first choice? We’ll take care of the rest!

Wonderlawn are more than ready to provide pet perfect artificial lawns as soon as you need us to. What’s more, our team is always waiting to hear from you and answer any questions you might have for us about our artificial grass, so contact us as soon as you can.

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