21 Jan 2016

Covering Against the Cold

Snow is something that divides a lot of us opinion-wise. It can’t be denied that snow and ice are two weather conditions that are incredibly taxing on a natural grass lawn. When snow falls or even when the temperature is cold enough to freeze your garden otherwise, surprisingly widespread damage can be caused, and the true extent of that wear and tear is usually only obvious in spring – when it’s far too late!

We here at Wonderlawn have an alternative solution for you in the form of our artificial grass. Our artificial grass guarantees a lawn that’s perfectly lush and green all year round, with low maintenance requirements staying the very same no matter what the weather might bring. Innovative free draining design means that water won’t prove a problem for the weave of our grass, and provided ice is allowed to melt away, that same design feature ensures our artificial grass is good to go for winter, too.

As long as you exercise a little bit of caution with regards to walking on your brand new artificial grass when the fibres may be frozen, you’ll always be able to relax knowing that when spring comes around and the sun comes out again, your garden will look just as pristine as you left it.

If you’re in the market for the best artificial grass, Wonderlawn definitely has something for you. Especially with winter starting to swing in full force, our team of artificial grass experts and installers nationwide are always waiting to lend you a helping hand. Contact us today!

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