16 Feb 2015

3 Ways to Weatherproof Your Garden

As we’ve seen recently, British weather is, to put it mildly, a bit unpredictable. It seems that when it’s hot it’s scorching, when it’s cold it’s freezing, and it can all make gardening a bit of a nightmare. You spend ages on getting your plants and lawn perfect and then one cold snap or dry spell destroys all of your hard work. We’ve gathered some top tips on How to Weatherproof Your Garden, while still keeping it looking gorgeous.

1. Plant for your soil type

If you plant according to your soil type, it’ll make things much easier. Clay soil copes just fine with dry weather, but becomes waterlogged in heavy rain so plants that can deal with this are best. Sandy soil, on the other hand, is great at draining water away, but becomes too dry in a drought. Make sure to look at labels to see what conditions plants do best in.

Acidity is also an issue. To find out your soils acidity level, you need a pH sensor. These are sold as pH strips, or an electric tester like the Suplong Soil Tester.

a weather proof artificial garden

a weather proof artificial garden

2. Go for all-year-round plants

Save delicate plants for more sheltered areas of your garden and stick to tougher plants elsewhere. Heather is very hardy and gives colour all year round, as do evergreen species of Rhododendron. Primulas are fantastic for your borders, with flowers in summer and foliage all year, similar to Camellias which have attractive green foliage even after the flowers have gone. Azaleas, meanwhile, are evergreen with a good autumn colour so you have something for every time of year when you weatherproof your garden.

3. Opt for artificial grass

The changeable British weather will also take its toll on your lawn, and constant mowing, manicuring and watering can become a chore. An artificial lawn installation is a great solution. Not only does it never need mowing, you don’t have to worry about people and pets walking mud through the house.

Wonderlawn uses advanced yarns that provide resilience and won’t flatten like many artificial lawns, while the innovative infills offer stability and that all-important realism. Your lawn will look amazing whatever the weather.

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