30 Jan 2015

Don’t Sneeze Summer Away!

If you suffer from hay fever, summer in your garden can be an absolute nightmare. It’s hard to enjoy the sunny weather with streaming eyes, a runny nose and non-stop sneezing, and if it’s your garden lawn that’s causing the problem, it can seem like a never-ending source of misery.

Here are some top facts about hay fever:

  1. According to Allergy UK, there are nearly 18 million hay fever sufferers in the UK.
  2. The NHS says that around 95% of those are specifically allergic to grass pollen.
  3. Information from the Met Office shows that grass pollen has its main release period from May until mid-September, peaking in June and July.

This means that, if you or a family member is one of the 95%, during the summer months your garden can be a source of discomfort right at the time you want to be enjoying it the most, making BBQs and garden parties a chore rather than fun.

This is where artificial grass could come in very useful, but many people dismiss it as unrealistic and easily flattened. Not Wonderlawn, however, which is actually designed to look authentic, feel fantastic and continue to recover after use thanks to its implementation of cutting edge technology. Wonderlawn gives you the aesthetics of real grass, without the allergy symptoms.

We use advanced yarns to provide resilience and infills to give stability and realism. The yarn is important as it’s shaped for a natural ability to spring back. The infill material, meanwhile, is key as it helps the look, drainage and stability of your lawn, keeping it more realistic and softer looking than most artificial grasses.

Unfortunately, we can’t make your hay fever go away completely, but our artificial grass can relieve your symptoms in your own garden, allowing you to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces throughout the summer.

If you fancy creating a grass pollen-free garden, contact us on 03337006000 or sales@wonderlawn.com.

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