12 Mar 2015

Interesting Uses of fake Grass

Artificial grass is a great alternative to real grass – not only does it save thousands of pounds in water bills, but hours and hours of maintenance time. If you enjoy the outdoors and love sitting in your garden but don’t want to have to spend days mowing the lawn, weeding and suffering from hayfever artificial grass is a perfect alternative to natural turf.

As well as revamping your garden and creating the ultimate serene setting, artificial grass can be used in a variety of different ways.

Here at Wonderlawn, we love helping people get the garden they’ve always wanted, but we also love to help people create their perfect setting indoors too!

We have found are five interesting ways to use artificial grass and compiled them into the artificial grass uses infographic to the right of this page – simply click the image to view the full size version:

Roof top garden.

Roof tops in general are not strong enough to support natural turf, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a gorgeous garden setting. Artificial grass allows you to create the perfect rooftop garden.

Artificial grass is installed quickly and can be held down by planters, adhesive or sand easily. Furthermore, there’s no weeding to be done and any food or drink spills can be washed away in seconds.

Mini Golf

For the avid golfer, artificial grass is a must have. Practice those putts in the comfort of your own home and create a great focal point to your garden while you’re at it. Here at Wonderlawn, we have a great selection of artificial grass designed for golfers – in fact we were voted UK’s No1 for artificial grass by the Daily Mail. A hole in one!

Kid’s Bedrooms

Create the ultimate bedroom for the football fanatic. Artificial grass is a great alternative to carpet and it’s easier to clean too! Stains wash out easier than on carpet, it’s super soft on feet and can be vacuum cleaned.  Any little Ronaldo, Messi or Beckham in the making will love it. We also use the same technology and yarn that is found in FIFA 2 star synthetic football pitches to create our grass – perfect for the discerning football lover.

Boat Decks

Boat decks can be particularly slippery when wet. Artificial grass still retains grip even when it’s wet, making floors safer to walk on whilst creating a unique look for your boat.

On (and all over) camper vans

Ok this looks a bit silly we admit, but this person gets top points for creativity for sure!

There are many uses for artificial grass – even as an alternative to carpet inside a car or camper van, especially for those who love the outdoors – even when they’re indoors…?

These examples are just a few of the more ‘interesting’ uses for artificial grass that can be installed by a member of our expert team.

If you would like to find out how artificial grass can revitalise your garden or home (or even your boat for that matter), call us today and speak with one of our experts about how we can tailor our stunning artificial grass to your individual needs. Alternatively, why not ask for a free sample and see for yourself why our artificial grass has been voted No1 by the Daily Mail.

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