15 Oct 2015

Towering Standards

Artificial Grass Installation StaffordshireHere at Wonderlawn, we’ve been busy bees this month, and it seems like the demand for artificial grass is still high! It’s times like these that we’re always very grateful that we have so many dedicated professionals working with us to ensure we can supply and install our artificial grass nationwide, so it’s only natural that we shine the spotlight on them once in a while!

Goliath Homeworld Ltd is the driving force behind the success of our artificial grass installation, and we’re proud to have such a close working relationship with them. Naturally, they’re the topic of today’s blog post! Based out of Cannock, they are the operators and owners of the Wonderlawn name that allows us to maintain the best artificial grass installation.

They certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to supplying the most dependable artificial grass installation, as they’ve been in the business of providing home improvement products to both the retail and commercial market for well over 28 years now. We chose them to be our dedicated installation specialists precisely because of their dedication to quality and ensuring a top standard, and you can rest assured that they will always do a sublime job when it comes to the installation. Much like our own work ethic, they’ll never settle for less than the best they can do no matter what you need or where you need it.

Whether you need our artificial grass for your garden, a more commercial application or even a school play area, we’ve got the UK’s finest artificial grass product and a team of dedicated experts just waiting to ensure you get highly professional artificial grass installation. Make sure you get in touch as soon as you can!

At Wonderlawn, we pride ourselves on our top standards of artificial grass installation, but we strive to provide the same incredible service nationwide through our expansive network of tremendously talented installers. Don’t wait to get in contact either by way of a quick phone call or an online enquiry, as we’d love to hear from you and sort you out with the finest artificial grass.

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