9 Oct 2015

Terrific Technology

We’ve put a lot of cutting edge technology into our artificial grass ensuring that any lawn we create is definitely the best it could possibly be. If you’re interested in how that technology comes together to make our artificial grass so popular, simply read on!

When we first started out and we were thinking of what approach to take with our own grass, the existing problem with standard artificial grass was all too obvious – and that problem still persists now. Most artificial grass won’t fade because it’s given a UV stabilising treatment and is made of plastic, but that often isn’t enough to prevent flattening or guarantee quality in the long run. That’s why we here at Wonderlawn utilise an innovative and advanced selection of yarns, shaped to provide the highest standards of reliability and realism when coupled with expertly laid infills.

We always pick the best material for each individual lawn that we create, but we can promise an incredible result courtesy of our advanced yarns. This is due to the shape of the yarns and fibres involved in our artificial grass, as they impart a natural resilience and support structure that allows the grass to easily bounce back and retain its spring for much longer. The infill material, also formulated uniquely to match each lawn, then supports the yarn and helps contour the lawn to the often uneven surface of any garden or ground surface beneath the grass.

It’s that personalised approach and dedication to ensuring success that’s put us on the map, and it’s the reason so many people come to us for the finest artificial grass Newcastle has on sale. Don’t wait to get in touch with our team and let them know what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking for the best artificial grass, we’ve gone to lengths to ensure that our CSU technology will always deliver an end result you’ll be completely blown away by. You haven’t experienced what an artificial lawn can do for you until you’ve seen what our team can provide, so make sure you get in contact as soon as you can.

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