6 Nov 2012

Taking care of your fake lawn

Artificial grass is very low maintenance and that’s one of the main reasons a lot of our elderly customers have it installed, as maintaining a real lawn is not only very time consuming but the physical side of this also gets too much for them. However your artificial lawn does need a small amount of maintenance if you want to extend its life and keeping it looking as good as it was on the day it was installed.

Below we’ve pulled together a small guide for keeping your artificial lawn in great condition.

The minimum you should be doing to your artificial lawn is giving it a simple brush once a month. This will ensure that the pile/fibres remain standing upright. You don’t even need a special brush for this as a soft bristle brush will do fine. If you find your artificial lawn is being used more regularly during the summer months, which is normally the case, it is well worth brushing it once a week to keep it in tip top condition.

Modern artificial lawn install

Modern artificial lawn install

Autumn to winter months

During the Autumn months you’re going to get leaves from the trees falling onto your artificial. Its very important to make sure these leaves are cleared from the surface. Failing to do this can result in moss and weed growth on top of the lawn surface, as leaves left rotting on there creates the ideal conditions for these to grow. This will also effect the drainage of your artificial lawn so its imperative these are removed on a regular basis.

Cats & Dogs

We’re finding that our product is becoming more and more popular amongst dog owners for use in Kennels and runs. If you’re a pet owner you need to be a lot more vigilant with your artificial grass. Any mess should be removed straight away and the area washed down with hot tap water. This should remove any residue left on the surface but for more stubborn stains a mild household detergent could be added to the water to ensure the area is safe and clean.

Protecting your artificial grass

The best way to think of your artificial turf when it comes to protecting it is like a carpet in your home. If you plan on carrying out any work in the garden that could damage your lawn, i.e. painting or staining decking and fences, always put down a good quality sheet of some description to prevent you spilling anything on the surface that may be difficult to remove.

This may sound like common sense but there are certain things that you should never do on or near your artificial lawn. Anything that involves a naked flame, such as smoking, lighting fireworks or even having a bbq next to it, all of these activities are a strictly prohibited next to your lawn. It is also important to be careful with sharp objects such as gardening tools or garden furniture with sharp or rough edges as that could damage your turf also.

Basically its just a case of using common sense around your lawn, and if you can do this and follow a few simple rules there is no reason why your lawn shouldn’t look as good as the day it was installed years later. Of course all this will be explained by the Wonderlawn team on completion of the project, but if you have any questions on the subject just drop us an e-mail or give us a call on 0333 700 6000, we’re always happy to help.

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