11 Dec 2012

Not just a replacement lawn

Artificial grass has became very popular for use as a floor lining in vivariums. These are tanks used in peoples homes for housing all kinds of reptiles, snakes, lizards etc, and any other wonderful creatures you could imagine.

The reason it has became so popular is its durability and how easy it is to clean making it a great addition to any vivarium. Its likeness to real grass makes it ideal for this kind of environment. It has also became very popular amongst falconers who use it on their portable perches and also the perches in their mews (housing for birds of prey).

Preventing reptile & bird disease

The main reason for this is it is so easy to keep clean and also that it stimulates the pads on the feet of birds of prey which can be prone to a disease called bumblefoot if perched for a long period of time or not kept clean properly.

Astro turf for children

Artificial grass also makes an excellent addition to a children’s play area. It is great for preventing grass-stains and cushioning any nasty falls children may have, and it also means you don’t get the muddy footprints tread through the house you would usually get if the ground is wet outside.

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Dog pet runs and artificial grass

However, we have found at Wonderlawn that one of the most popular uses for artificial grass is for pet runs and kennels. Once again this is because of the easy to clean nature of it. Another reason it seems so popular is that when a Dog constantly uses a grass lawn as their own personal toilet, over a period of time it tends to kill it off or leaves it looking unpleasant on the eye, where as artificial grass can just be cleaned and shows no ill after effects, just lush green grass.

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